Deciding on the perfect gift for your best friend on her birthday can be a little overwhelming – you want to find something that symbolises your friendship, how much you value her and something that she can treasure, all rolled into one gift.

Why not jewellery? It ticks all these boxes, plus you can even purchase two of the same to really represent your friendship.

Here are some ideas:

1. Identical necklaces

The traditional friendship jewellery piece, identical necklaces are a cute and obvious way to always carry a piece of one another around with you. Whether opting for a cute Karen Walker charm necklace or a customised chain with your own choice of pendant, you can get as creative as you want when picking a necklace. 

2. Matching charm bracelets

A modern classic, charm bracelets are becoming more and more popular amongst jewellery-lovers. Although the concept has been circulating for a long time, it has been revitalised as of late and makes for the perfect gift for your friend. Get her started with a chunky chain and a cute charm that symbolises your friendship – and get the same for yourself. 

Another idea with charms is to find one relevant to each of your personalities, and swap – a constant reminder of your bestie and her quirks.

3. Friendship rings

Matching rings is another popular choice due to the variations in colour, style and adornment. Whether you opt for a stacker ring with a cute star or heart on it, or a plain band with an engraving on the inside that’s relevant to your friendship, rings are a subtle gift that can be worn every day, and treasured for a lifetime.

Whatever you decide on, Showcase Jewellers has great options that you and your friend will love. Take a look instore or check out what’s online to find the perfect symbol of your friendship.